About project

What is this site

This site is part of the LUFTDATEN project and it`s Bulgarian partner Airbg.info.                      

It aims to collect real air quality information through sensors installed and maintained by volunteers. Their number is increasing daily (see up-to-date information in statistics ).

The information generated by them is gathered on several counters from where it is freely available as "open data". Everyone can download and analyze them. More information about the project base can be found on the main sites

What is Airtube.info

Airtube.info offers you a look at these data by visualizing them in real-time on the map and offering some convenience when viewing them


The site offers convenient desktop and mobile work where it can use its gps to show you the closest information


Its development and maintenance is completely non-commercial and is supported by the creator`s own resources. It will be maintained until it makes sense of it and we have the opportunity to do it.                          We are open for any suggestions and criticisms - if any, please use the coordinates below

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This project is developed only by volunteers who separate their time and resources to keep it alive. If you find it useful,                       you can help us with a donation of funds. All revenue will be used only for supporting the project